Hi, we are RTG Performance Academy.

An elite performance training facility with big dreams! Dreams to provide you with the most exceptional training program that you have ever experienced! At the core of our being, we are obsessed with helping you become the greatest version of yourself! So, whether you are looking for sports performance training or functional fitness training, we are here to help and we are so glad to have you here with us!

Why RTG Performance Academy?

1. We do not have cookie-cutter training programs (and no, not the cookie-cutters you use to bake holiday cookies), but instead, we build an individualized training program that is specific to you. At RTG Performance Academy we know that you are unique so your training must be unique as well!

2. Speaking of cookies, we provide nutrition and mental performance consultations that you can add onto your training packages at any time. With these additional resources, you can learn how to properly fuel your body and achieve that mental toughness that we all strive for!

3. We begin your individual training program at your appropriate starting point. At RTG Performance Academy we recognize that we are all at different starting lines when it comes to our health and fitness journeys! With your program you will receive all the motivation and accountability that you will need to reach your goals.

Now what?

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Lastly, but most importantly…

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“I Believe it has been the most beneficial training class he has been a part of.”

-Mike N.On his sons experience in the Athlete Classes

“I have been able to lose weight and feel muscle tone I haven’t felt before!.”

-Sally J.On her private training experience

“Before working with Ryan I Had experience at the D1 level and 2 years of professional baseball under my belt. I learned a lot from Ryan and we got after it all offseason long. He helped me improve in every area of my game. From strength to explosiveness to flexibility, we hit it all. This season I have seen improved results and increased my velocity on the mound. And I believe it all started in the gym and the preparation we put in from the months of October-February.”

Brett G. - Miami Marlins.On his private training experience

“We were referred to RTG by our neighbors and we couldn’t be happier! Our goal was to get our son to be more active and work on his agility and endurance for basketball season. Ryan and Coach Lee are awesome guys and such great role models. Our son loves them and we are happy that he has such great guys to look up to. He never hesitates to go workout and he always leaves feeling pumped! We love how they work with each kid individually and the attention they give to each child makes them feel special. If you are looking for a great place for your kids or yourself, don’t hesitate to give the guys at RTG a call! Your kids will love that they’re on their “road to greatness” every single session.”

- Kim D.On her sons experience in the Athlete Classes

“These guys are the best. They have helped me to feel and look better than I have in years. Truly first class all the way!!.”

- Stuart H.On his private training experience

“The trainers at RTG are great with kids! They keep them both engaged and motivated. My son looks forward to attending their sessions. Since my son has been training at RTG, I have noticed an increase in his confidence on the field and on the court with improvements in his footwork and overall strength.”

- Ron C.On his sons experience in the Athlete Classes

“My son Jace has been working with RTG for two months and the results we are seeing are phenomenal! After just two months I can seriously see him jumping higher, running faster, and getting much stronger! He also has gained so much more balance and control on the basketball court! I highly recommend the sports performance organization if you want to see your child excel to the next level!.”

- Steve M.On his sons experience in the Athlete Classes

“We have seen great improvement in our son’s overall athletic ability since he joined RTG. His footwork, agility and strength have really been enhanced by the program and the results have shown up on the field. On top of that, RTG provides an extremely positive and encouraging environment for our son as he continues to develop.”

- John O.On his sons experience in the Athlete Classes

“I have been personal training with Ryan for the past year. He has helped me get to my personal fitness goals faster than I could have on my own. He motivates me throughout my workout which in turn helps me to work harder. My 11 year old son participates in the speed, agility, and strengthening classes as well. We have watched his overall athletic performance improve since he has been working with them. Ryan and Lee are very professional, very personable, and work hard to stay up to date on the latest training styles to help avoid injury. Ryan and Lee are top notch and will work hard to make sure you can be the best that you can be whether you are the most competitive of athletes or just a person looking to tackle some personal fitness goals!.”

- Amy H.On her personal training experience and her sons experience in the Athlete Classes

“Ryan has been instrumental in getting me race ready this year. I feel stronger and more efficient during training runs, recover quicker after hard efforts, and got through this season injury free! He builds my strength training around my race schedule and always listens to my feedback about what’s working or what needs more focus. Can’t recommend his training enough.”

- Sandie N.On her private training experience


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